Characteristic findings

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Section 1

Question Answer
Cherry red spotTay sachs, neimann pick, CRAO
Erythema infectiosum5th disease, slapped cheek appearance, parvovirus b19
Kaposi sarcomaHSV 8
Burton lines, basophilic stipplingLead poisoning
Palpable purpura at the buttocks,extensorsHSP
currant jelly sputumAlcoholics pneumonia
Pigeon droppings, stain with india inkCryptococcus neoformans
Gumma3rd stage syphilis
Port wine stainAssoc. With sturgg weber syndrome
Erythema chronicum migrans Bullet rash, lyme disease (ixodes tick)

Section 2

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Subdural hematomaCrescent shape, bridging veins,elderly
Bouchsard nodesOsteoarthritis, PIP
heberden nodesOA, DIP
Splinter hemorrhages, roths spotsBacterial endocarditis
Psammoma bodiesPapillary ca, serous ca of the ovary and uterus, mesothelioma, meningiomA
Howell-jolly bodiesAsplenia
Kimmelsteil-wilson nodulesNodular glomerulosclerosis, Diabetic nephropathy
Dermatitis herpetiformisCeliac disease
Starry sky appearance, t(8,14), assoc. W/ EBV, c-mycBurkitts lymphoma
Bamboo spine, hla 27Ankylosing spondylitis
Curschman spiralsAsthma, lung dses
Koplik spotsMeasles
Condyloma lata2nd syphilis
Condyloma accuminataHPV

Section 3

Question Answer
Lisch nodulesNF type 1, von reklinghousen dse chr.17
Gaucher cellsCrumpled tissue paper appearance, goucher dse
Goucher dseGlucocerebrosidase def.
Kayser fleisher ringWilsons dse, copper accumulation
Lichen planus5ps- purple,pruritic,papule,plaques,polygonal
Hutchinson teethCongenital syphilis
Charcot laydeN crystalsBronchial asthma
Epidural hematomaBiconvex, lens shape, MMA
Auer rodsAML, CML
Hyaline castDehydration (urine)
Basophilic stipplingLead poisoning, sideroblastic anemia
Dew drop on a rose petalVaricella
Janeway lesionsInfective endocarditis
Orphan annie nucleiPapillary thyroid ca
Call exner bodiesGranulosa cell tumor
Step ladder appearanceSmall bowel obstruction
Stipple signCroup

Section 4

Question Answer
Ash leaf spotsTuberous sclerosis
False diverticulumZenkers diverticulum
True diverticulumMeckels diverticulum
Monosodium urate crystalsGout
Calcium pyrophosphate dehydrate crystalsPseudogout
Heliotrope rashDermatomyositis
String signCrohns dse
Thumb signEpiglotitis
Clue cellsBacterial vaginosis
HemochromatosisAccumulation of Iron
Onion skinEwing sarcoma t(11,22)
Malassezia furfurSpaghetti and meatballs
Lewy bodyParkinsons dse
Aschoff bodiesRheumatic fever
Bence-jones proteinsMultiple myeloma