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plasma91% water; contains nutrients, hormones, waste products
fromed elementserythrocytes, leukocytes, thrombocytes
erythrocytesred blood cells
leukocyteswhite blood cells
neutrophilsmost common;major role in immune system
basophilsleast common; cause allergy symptoms
eosinophilsdestroy parasitic organisms
lymphocytesidentify foreign substances and form antibodies
monocytesprovide immunological defenses against infections

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congenital heart defectstructural abnormalities caused by the failure of the heart to develop normally
coronary artery diseaseatherosclerosis of the coronary arteries
atherosclerosishardening of the arteries
atheromadeposit of plaque on or within the arterial wall
ischemic heart diseaseresult from insufficient supply of oxygenated blood to the heart
ischemiainsufficient supply of oxygen in the tissues
anginasevere episodes of chest pain due to inadequate blood flow
myocardial infarctionheart attack
heart failurecongestive heart failure;unable to pump out all the blood it receives
cardiomegalyabnormal enlargement of the heart

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carditisinflammation of the heart
endocarditisinflammation of the inner lining of the heart
pericarditisinflammation of the pericardium
myocarditisuncommon; inflammation of heart muscle
cardiomyopathyall diseases of the heart muscle
heart murmurabnormal blowing or clicking sound heard when listening to the heart
valvulitisinflammation of a heart valve
valvular prolapsabnormal protrusion of a heart valve;inability of the valve to close properly
valvular stenosisnarrowing, stiffening,thickening, blockage of one or more heart valve

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atrial fibrillationrapid, irregular twitching of the muscular heart wall-quivering action of the atria
paroxysmal supraventricular thchycardiavery rapid and regular heartbeats originating in the atrium or av node
ventricular fibrillationrapid, irregular, useless contractions of the ventricules
ventricular tachycardiavery rapid heartbeat that begins with the ventricules
vasculitisinflammation of a blood vessel
polyarteritisfrom of vasculitis involving several arteries at the same time
temporal arteritisgiant cell arteritis; causes headaches, visual impairment, jaw pain
angiostenosisabnormal narrowing of a blood vessel
chronic venous insufficiencyinadequate venous circulation due to partial vein blockage/leakage of venous valves
thrombotic occlusionblocking of an artery by a thrombus
coronary thrombosisdamage to heart muscle caused by thrombus blocking a coronary artery

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peripheral vascular diseasesdisorders of blood vessels located outside of the heart and brain
peripheral arterial occlusive diseasecaused by atherosclerosis;impaired circulation to the extremities
hemochromatosisiron overload disease
polycythemiaabnormal increase in the number of red cells in the blood
septicemiasevere infections caused by the presence of bacteria in the blood
thrombocytopeniaabnormally small number of platelets in the circulating blood
hyperlipidemiaelevated levels of cholesteral and other fatty things in the blood
myelodysplastic syndromebone marrow disorders;insufficient production of one or more types of blood cells
pernicious anemialack of the protein that helps the body absorb vitamin b12
thalassemiainherited;anemia due to reduced hemoglobin and fewer red cells
orthostatic hypotensionlow blood pressure when standing up

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digital subtraction angiography clarifies the view of the area by removing soft tissues and bones from pic
duplex ultrasoundimages the structures of the blood vessels and their flow
phlebographyimage of leg veins after dye is injected
holter monitorwear for a period of time
calcium channel blocker agentscause the heart and blood vessels to relax
tissue plasminogen activatorthrombolytic administered during stroke or heart attack
percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplastyballoon angioplasty
laser angioplastylaser at end of catheter
stentwire-mesh tube inserted in the vessel
restonosisan artery closes again
carotid endarterectomyremoval of lining of a portion of clogged carotid artery leading to brain
aneurysmectomyremoval of an aneurysm
anerrysmorrhaphysuturing of an aneurysm
atereiectomyremoval of part of an artery
hemostasisstop or control bleeding
plasmapheresisplasma exchange

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