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Question Answer
Deify Officially declare a person to be a God
Pax Romana Period of stability in the Roman empire
Concrete Building material made by mixing small stones and sand with limestone clay and water
Aqueduct Channel that moves water over a long distance
Greco Roman Something that combines elements of Greek and Roman culture and traditions
Mosaic Design formed with small tiles of glass stone or pottery
Romance languages Language that developed from Latin such as French Spanish Portuguese or Italian
Oratory Art of giving speeches
SatireWork of literature that makes fun of its subject often mocking voice or poly
GladiatorMan who thought as part of public entertainment in ancient Rome
Resurrection Supply of something that can be used as needed
BaptismMan who thought as part of public entertainment in ancient Rome
Crucifixion Roman method of execution by nailing a person to a wooden cross
Conversion Heartfelt change in one’s opinions or beliefs especially in religion
Martyr Person who dies for his or her believes
New testament Writings that form part of the Christian Bible which tell the story of Jesus and his early followers
Gospel One of the first four books of the New Testament that describe the life and teachings of Jesus
ParableStory with a religious moral
Epistle Formal letters several of which form part of the new testament
Trinity The three persons or forms of God according to Christian believe
Ethics Believes about what is right and wrong
Denominations Religious group