Chapter 9

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Section 1

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What are the two "worlds" of Congress?National and District Matters
What are house seats based upon?Population
How often are house representatives elected?Every 2 years
How many senators does each state have?2 per state
How often do senators get elected?Every 6 years

Section 2

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What is the 10th amendment?Enumerated powers
What is the 6th amendment?Supremacy cause
What is the elastic clause?Necessary and Proper

Section 3

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Where are the limitations of Congress found?Article 1 section 9
Laws that decree a person guilty of a crime without trialBills of attainer
Can't make a law and then seek out those who committed the offense before the law was madeEx post facto laws
Individual muct be brought to court and shown reason for detentionWrit of habeas corpus
The fourth limitation of CongressThe Bill of Rights
Social Composition of CongressFails to represent society as a whole (sociological representation)
What three factors contribute to the composition of Congress?Who decides to run, the incumbency effect, and congressional redistrcing

Section 4

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A system of government in which power is divided by a written constitution between regional and federal governements Federalism
Dual federalismFounding to the 1930s
Cooperative federalism1930s-present
Unitary federalismConfederacy

Section 5

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Gerrymanderingdrawing electoral lines for partisan advantage
Based on population-no geographical sizeWesbury vs Sanders
Must be continuousShaw vs Reno
Can't draw districts that benefit one race over anotherMiller vs Johnson
In the 1980s districs were redraws to helf more minorities get elected?Racial gerrymandering

Section 6

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Name recognition and funding contribute to incumbent re-election by what percent? 90%
Strong incumbents draw week challengers vice versaElectoral darwinism
Bring projects home to districts to look good an get re-electedPork barrel politics
"Ill vote for your project if you'll vote for mine"Log rolling

Section 7

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Who is the leader of the House?Speaker of the House
Who serves as a go between to make sure members are there for a big vote?Majority whip
Who is second and third in line if something happens to the president?VP (2nd); Speaker of the House (3rd)
What does the VP of the senate do?Tie breaker vote
True or False: The House has a Rules Committee, but the Senate does not. True
What does the Rules Committee do?Decide if a debate is opened or closed and decide what amendments can be added

Section 8

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Amendments do not have to be of the same subject matter as those in the House on a particular lawGermane
Amendment added to the bill for the purpose of killing that billPoison pill
True or False: The House and Senate wording of the bill does NOT have to be the same False
Who permits open, lengthy debates on legislationSenate
Used in an attempt to talk a bill to deathFillibuster
Who spoke for a solid 24 hours Strom Thurman
Used to defeat a fillibusterCloture vote (60%)

Section 9

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What is the first way the president can respond to a bill?sign it into law
What ia the second way the president can respond to a bill?allow it to become a law without a bill
What is the third way the president can respond to a bill?veto the bill with a formal message
What is the fourth way the president can respond to a bill?pocket veto: 10 business days before Congress adjourns-all remaining bills get vetoed
How many House and Senate votes does it take to override a presidential veto? 2/3 rds

Section 10

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Which state has the weakest governor in the U.S.?Texas
The Speaker of the House can appoint what percent of people to a committee?50%
The Lt. Governor can appoint whta percentage of people to a committee? 100%
True or False: The Speaker of the House and the Lt. Governor are more powerful than the Governor in Texas.True

Section 11

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Who makes up the Legislative Budget Board (LBB)? Speaker of the House and Lt. Govenor
Permanent committees that specialize in public policy. Standing Committees
Made up of members of the House and Senate; Joint Economic Committee. Joint Committee
Temporary committees that are created specific purposes such as investigation (Watergate). Select committee
Work out differences between the House and Senate versions of legislation on the same subject. Conference Committees

Section 12

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How any Bills are introduced each session? Over 8, 000
What percent of Bills die in committee? 95%
What happens to Bills that do get passed? They go to the Rules Committee
What permits floor debate and the addition of amendments to the Bill? Open-rule
What limits the introduction of new amendments? Closed-rule

Section 13

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What party has how much influence over the rank and file members of Congress? Some
"The strongest power a president has is the power to persuade." Richard Neaustadt
The effort through Congress hearings, investigations, and other techniques to exercise control over activities of executive agencies. Oversight
The power of the purse. appropriations

Section 14

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The Senate must approve presidential appointments by... a simple majority
The Senate must approve treaties by... 2/3rds vote
What kind of agreements circumvent 2/3rds Senate vote? Executive agreements between two world leaders
The president can be impeached by..? The House
The president can be convicted by..? Senate
Treason, bribery, misdemeanors, and high crimes are..? :Grounds for impeachment

Section 15

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Because they have larger and more heterogeneous constituencies, senators (p. 274) Can better represent the national interest
Type of representation described as when constituents have the power to hire or fire representatives. (p. 274) Agency representation
An advantage of getting re-elected (incumbency). (p. 278) Incumbents can provide constituency services during their tenure
Some argued that the creation of minority congressional districts has...(p. 281) Made it more difficult for minorities to win substantive policy goals

Section 16

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One way members of Congress can work as agents of their constituents is by (p. 282) Providing direct patronage
Type of committee that includes members of both the House and the Senate on the same committee. (p. 287) Conference committee
Technique that can be used to bloc action on legislation in the Senate. (p. 291) Filibuster
What is NOT an important influence on how members of Congress vote on legislation? (p. 293-4) Media

Section 17

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What is NOT a resource that party leaders in Congress uses to create party discipline? (p. 294-8) Roll-call votes
An agreement between members of Congress to trade support for each other's bill is known as.. (p. 297) Log rolling
When Congress conducts an investigation to explore the relationship between a law intended ans what an executive agency has done, it is called.. (p. 300) Oversight
What is NOT true about impeachment? (p. 302-3) The president is the only official who can be impeached by Congress

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