Chapter 9 vocab

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Section 1

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Great Wall long wall running east and west along the Chinese empire's northern border
standardizeto set rules to make things more similar
Legalisman ancient Chinese philosophy stating that a strong leader and a strong legal system, not moral values, are needed to create social order
censorto ban dangerous or offensive ideas, or remove material from published works or prevent its publication

Section 2

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officialperson who holds a government job
civil servicethe people who work for a government
Silk Roadseries of trade routes that crossed Asia
envoyrepresentative of a government sent to another country
cuisinestyle of food

Section 3

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monopolysingle person or group who controls the the production of a good or service
calligraphyart of beautiful writing
lacquera protective coating made form the sap of a special tree
acupuncturetherapy that uses needles to cure sickness and stop pain
seismometera tool to measure earthquakes