Chapter 9 Solid Oral Modified- Release Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery Systems

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Section 1

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SRsustained release
SAsustained action
PAprolonged action
CRcontrolled release
TRtimed release
ERextended release
LAlong acting

Section 2

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Modified Releasedosage forms having drug-release features based on time, course, and/or location that are designed to accomplish therapeutic or convenience objectives not offered by conventional or immediate- release forms
Extended ReleaseA type of release dosage form as one that allows a reduction in dosing frequency from that necessitated by a conventional dosage form, such as a solution or an immediate-release dosage form
Delayed Releasedesigned to release the drug at a time other than promptly after administration.
Repeat Actioncontain two single doses of medication, one for immediate release and the second for delayed release.
Targeted Releasedescribes drug release directed toward isolating or concentrating a drug in a body region, tissue, or site for absorption or for drug action.

Section 3

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Microencapsulationprocess by which sol- ids, liquids, or even gases may be enclosed in microscopic particles by formation of thin coatings of wall material around the sub- stance.
Gelatincommon wall-forming material, and synthetic polymers, such as polyvinyl alcohol, ethylcellulose, polyvinyl chloride, and other materials, also may be used.
Hydrophilic Matrix SystemThe drug substance is combined and made into granules with an excipient material that slowly erodes in body fluids, progressively releasing the drug for absorption.
Complex Formationchemically combined with certain other chemical agents, form complexes that may be only slowly soluble in body fluids, depending on the pH of the environment.
Ion-Exchange ResinsA solution of a cationic drug may be passed through a column which is forming a complex by the replacement of hydrogen atoms.
Osmotic Pump the semi- permeable membrane permits water to enter from the patient's stomach into the core tab- let, dissolving or suspending the drug.