Chapter 9 Leadership

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The process of influencing people to accomplish a goalLeadership
Process of organizing, planning, coordinating, directing and controlling to accomplish specific institutional goalsManagement
__________ focus on people (makes them act)Leaders
__________ focus on systems and structuresManagers
Process in which a nurse a take it upon herself to lead, whether or not she was designated in a position of managementAssume leadership
__________ is defined as different combination of task and relationship behaviors used to influence others to accomplish a goalLeadership style
What was the motivating factor behind the concern for management practicesDuring the Industrial Boom
_____________ experienced nurse who assist new employee in acquiring the necessary knowledge and skill to function effectively in a new environment, they are usually assigned, have a set datePreceptor
_____________ is the official power given by organization to direct the work of others Authority
_____________ is the ability and willingness to assume responsibility for ones actions and to accept the consequences of one’s behaviorAccountability
_____________ influences care of patients by including nurses at all levels in organizational decision making regarding patient care, it values interdependence and accountability that allows nurses to make decisions in a decentralized environment. Shared Governance
What is the underlying principle behind shared governance an employee will be more committed to a company if they are part of the decision making team
_____________ are competent, experienced professionals who develop a relationship with a novice for the purpose of providing advice, support, information and feedback, they are sought after Mentor


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List some characteristics of leadershipEmpowerment, Intuition, self-understanding, vision, value congruence
List the different type of Leadership stylesCharismatic, authoritarian, democratic, laisses-faire, situational, transactional, transformational
List Leadership valuesCaring, integrity, diversity, excellence.
List the 6 competencies essential for successful managerscommunication, planning, teamwork, strategic action, global awareness, self-management.
List the main management rolesplanning, organizing, leading ,delegating and controlling
List the Nursing delivery modelsTotal patient care, functional methods, team nursing, primary nursing, case management, managed care, and differential practice
List the three phases of mentorshipinvitational, questioning, transitional


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This management style focus on strict hierarchy, and efficiency and consistent job performance, it has a mechanical viewTraditional theory
This theory focuses on group dynamics, leadership styleBehavioral theory
This theory approach problems by looking at inputs, transformation process, output and feedback, the most important part is feedback loop, the ongoing information about the system status and performanceSystem Theory
A blend of all the theories and concept, this concept moves the manager away from the ones size fits all mentalityContingency theory

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