Chapter 9 ADJ 107

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sibling violence most common form of domestic violence in America
malice aforethoughtpremeditation or the state of mind of an indiv during the crime; thought ahead and planned/voluntarily caused the death of another, without legal excuse or justification
homicide is _________ percent of all violent crimes in the US 1-2
males are _________ percent of homicide victims78
approximately _________ percent of all murders resulted from an argument44
categories of homicidecriminal enterprise murder, personal cause murder, sexual homicide, group cause homicide
serial murderevents in which an individual(s) kills a number of individuals (usually min of three) over the course of time
cooling off periodtime between kills of a serial murder; makes a serial killer unique from multiple killers
mass murderinvolves killing three or more persons at a single scene with no cooling-off period between them
spree murderkilling of three or more individuals without a cooling-off period, usually at two or more dif locations
types of serial killersvisionary, mission, hedonistic, and power/control
holmes and deburgeridentified types of serial killers
percent of black serial killers in the US22
misconception about serial killersnot all are mentally disarranged, not all stalk victims
marital rapenot considered a crime in the US until the 1970s, not formally a crime in all 50 states until 1993
forms of rapestranger, date, gang, acquaintance
gang rapeattacked by multiple offenders; more violence compared to indiv rapes; more likely to be reported
stranger rapecan be violent; about a quarter of rapes
acquaintance rapeinvolves someone known to the victim; majority of rapes in the US
date rapebig in the college scene; first acknowledged in the 1980s;
percent of all rapes that are results of date rape30-60
statutory rapeinvolves sexual relations between an underage minor and an adult
con rapeinvolves offender approaching victim and posing as an authority figure
blitz rapeinvolves offender physically assaulting the victim; overpowers for the control and sexual behaviour
MA Treatment center categories of rapistsdisplaced aggressive; compensatory, sexual aggressive/sadistic, impulsive
compensatory motivationsprove sexual adequacy
displaced aggressive motivationshumiliation and not pleasure
sexual aggressive/sadistic motivationpain and violence to obtain pleasure
impulsive motivationsopportunity and desire
Nicholas Grothcreated three rape typologies on motivations and aims
Groth's typologiesanger, power, and sadistic
anger rapeoffender uses lots of force; humiliation; attacking
power rapepower and control; sexual domination; usually does not meet desires
smallest percentage of rapists fit into this category according to Grothsadistic rapists
sadistic rapesexual and aggressive components; torture for excitement; arousal increase with brutality
percent of women who reported sexual abuse by a family member12
fixated child sexual offenderlong-standing, exclusive preference from children both sexually and socially; usually passive, immature, dependent, and may have mental illness; low income/unstable work
regressed child sexual offendersolid peer relationships; develop sexual inadequacy; seek relationships to solve this; usually victims are female; offender is almost always remorseful upon arrest; high rates of substance abuse and divorce
exploitative child sexual offenderwant to establish sexual needs; victim usually stranger; uses child's weakness and vulnerabilities; usually have antisocial tendencies and prior criminal history
aggressive/sadistic child sexual offenderaggressive and sadistic purposes only; history of antisocial problems; acts for stimulation with no sympathy for victim; most likely to abduct and later kill victim(s)
male pedophiles over age of 30 are _________ percent75
likelihood of recidivate rate in child sexual offenders10 times more likely than other types of offenders
Megan's Law1994; first sexual offender community notification law passed in the US
human trafficking recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act in which a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person induced to perform such act is under 18 years of age, regardless of whether the elements of force, fraud, or coercion are involved.
coercionprinciple tool in trafficking; used to control victims so they remain under capturer's control
women is assaulted every _________ seconds9 seconds
domestic violence makes up _________ percent of all homicides in the US11
female arrest increase in New Hamshire because of mandatory arrest laws23
protection order and PAin 1976, PA was the first state to enact laws allowing victims to seek a protection order from abuse
New York City developed...the first specialized domestic violence court in 1966
reasons females do not leave abusive relationshipfear of lack of support, single parenting, reduced financial circumstances, lack of safety plan, being isolated
number of bank robberies per year5000
Jessica's Lawenacted in FL, convicted sexual offenders would be required to wear global positioning system devices on their ankles for five years following their release from prison, or for life for those deemed sexual predators

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