Chapter 8and 9

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Section 1

Question Answer
loessfine, dustlike material that can form soil
dikewalls to hold back water
oracle bonesletters carved on animal bones, first written records
pictographpictures that represent words or ideas
mandate of heaventhe right to rule
warlordmilitary rules between small states
chaosdisorder and confusion
warring states period475 to 221 BC Brutal warring period amoungh states

Section 2

Question Answer
philosophyset of beliefs about the world and how to live
ancestor worshiphonoring past spirits of ancestors
confucianismthe teachings of the thinker confucius
filial pietythe devotion of children to their parents
daoisman ancient Chinese way of life
officialassigned position of govt
Civil servicesystem of govt mainly selected for skills and knowledge
silk roadnetwork of trade routs that crossed asia
envoyrepresentatives of emporer
cuisinechinese style of cooking