Chapter 8

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Section 2

Question Answer
Explain drilling ahead and making holemean the same thing
double rig can handle ______ joints of drill pipetwo
What does “spud” meanStart drilling
What does spudded the well meanStarted drilling
What is rigging upPutting the rig together in preparation to drill
TD; Who sets the TD?Total depth; company who is drilling the well

Section 3

Question Answer
List what is evaluated during the drilling processChip samples, gas detection unit, core
As soon as drilling is completed what is doneLogs are run as soon as drilling is completed (TD is reached).
Who evaluates the logsAll the partners in the well – not the EUB
If more reservoir information is required what is runDST, to determine aerial extent, and retrieve a fluid sample
Once an oil company has all the information from the drilling and immediately after in house and has evaluated what choice must be made?abandon or complete the well
Why use tubinghave a smaller diameter for the fluid column to make the fluid column easier to lift
What is rig release and When is the rig releasedWhen the rig is released to go to another location; If the well is D&A the rig is released as soon as the decision to abandon is made. If the well is completed the rig is released as soon as the production casing has been set in the hole