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Chapter 8

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Section 1

Question Answer
loessis a fine like dust like material that can form soil
dike or walls to hold back water
oracle bones from the shang dynasty
pictograph is picture that represents words or ideas

Section 2

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mandate of heaven if a dynasty failed to act properly it lost this right
warlord are rulers of a small states
chaos total disorder and confusion
warring states period brutal and destructive conflict marked period

Section 3

Question Answer
philosophy is set of beliefs about the world and how to live
ancestor worship many rituals related to ancestor worship area performed at holidays or funnels
confucianism the teachings of thinker confucius
filial piety referred to this as the source of all virtues
daoism is an ancient chinese way of life that emphasizes a simple and natural existence

Section 4

Section 5

Question Answer
great wall a long wall running east and west along his empires northern border
standardize is to set rules that make things more similar
legalism a stronger leader and strong legal system are needed to create social order
censor ban ideas he found dangerous or offensive

Section 6

Question Answer
official is people assigned to position in the govt
civil service is a system of govt employless mainly selected for thier skills
silk road is network of trade routes that crossed asia connecting china
envoyrepresentives of the emperor to create relations with kingdoms to the west
cuisine is a style of cooking

Section 7

Question Answer
monopoly is when a single group controls the production of a good or service
calligraphya picture with symblos
lacquer is a proctective coating made from the sap
acupuncturea therapy that uses needles to cure sickness and stop pain
seismometera tool to detect earthquakes

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