Chapter 8 (Tablets)

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Tablets solid dosage forms usually prepared with the aid of suitable pharmaceutical excipients.
Scored/Groovedallows tablets to be easily broken into two or more parts
Compressed Tabletscontain a number of pharmaceutical excipients
Diluents or fillerswhich add the necessary bulk to a formulation to prepare tablets of the desired size
Binders or adhesiveswhich promote adhesion of the particles of the formulation, allowing a granulation to be prepared and maintaining the integrity of the final tablet
Disintegrants or disintegrating agentswhich promote breakup of the tablets after admin- istration to smaller particles for ready drug availability
Antiadherents, glidants, lubricants, or lubricating agentswhich enhance the flow of the material into the tablet dies, minimize wear of the punches and dies, prevent fill material from sticking to the punches and dies, and produce tablets with a sheen
Miscellaneous adjunctcolorants and flavorants

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Compressed Tabletscontain a number of pharmaceutical excipients
Multiple Compressed Tabletsprepared by subjecting the fill material to more than a single compression/being the core and the outer portion being the shell
Sugarcoated Tabletscoated with a colored or an uncolored sugar layer, water soluble and quickly dis- solves after swallowing
Film-Coated Tabletscompressed tablets coated with a thin layer of a polymer capable of forming a skin-like film, the coating is designed to rupture and expose the core tablet at the desired location in the gastrointestinal tract.
Gelatin-Coated Tabletsallows the coated product to be about one-third smaller than a capsule filled with an equivalent amount of powder.
Enteric-Coated Tabletstablets have delayed-release features. They are designed to pass unchanged through the stomach to the intestines, where the tablets disintegrate and allow drug disso- lution and absorption and/or effect.
Buccal Tabletsdissolved in the buccal pouch
Sublingual Tabletsbeneath the tongue
Chewable Tabletstablets, which have a smooth, rapid disintegration when chewed or allowed to dissolve in the mouth, have a creamy base, usually of specially flavored and colored mannitol.
Effervescent Tabletstablets are prepared by compressing granular effervescent salts that release gas when in contact with water.
Molded Tabletsprepared by molding rather than by compression. The resultant tablets are very soft and soluble and are designed for rapid dissolution.
Tablet Trituratesare small, usually cylindrical, molded, or compressed tablets contain- ing small amounts of usually potent drugs.
Hypodermic Tabletsnumber of tablets was dissolved in a suitable vehicle, sterility attained, and the injection performed.
Dispensing Tablets/Compounding tablets tablets contained large amounts of highly potent drug substances, so the pharmacist could rapidly obtain premeasured amounts for compounding multiple dos- age units.
Immediate-Release Tabletstablets are designed to disintegrate and release their medication with no special rate-controlling features
Dissolving Tabletsre characterized by disintegrating or dissolving in the mouth within 1 minute, some within 10 seconds
Extended-Release Tabletsare designed to release their medication in a predetermined manner over an extended period.
Vaginal Tablets/Vaginal insertsare uncoated, bullet-shaped, or ovoid tablets inserted into the vagina for local effects.
Lozenges (Troches)solid oral dosage forms that are designed to dissolve or disintegrate slowly in the mouth.
Lollipopssugar-based lozenge on a stick and contains fentanyl citrate
Bolus Tabletsare large, usually elongated tablets intended for administration to large animals.
Pillssmall, round solid dosage forms containing a medicinal agent and intended to be administered orally.
Pelletsdosage forms that are composed of small, solid particles of uniform shape sometimes called beads.provide physical separation for chemically or physi- cally incompatible materials, extended release of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), or delayed release to protect an acid- labile API from degradation in the stomach or to protect stomach tissues from irritation.

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Compressionmethod of preparation is using standard tableting technology with a composition that will enhance fluid uptake and tablet disintegration and dissolution.
Compressed Tablet Manufacturewet granulation, dry granulation, and direct compression
Dry granulation methodpowder mixture is compacted in large pieces and subsequently broken down or sized into granules (slugging and roller compaction)