Chapter 8 Nurse as Learner

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__________ is represented by a change in behaviorLearning
What are the theories of learning Behaviorism, cognitivism, humanism, Constructivism , and multiple intelligence
____________ focuses on careful identification of what is being taught and the immediate identification of a reward for correct responses ( envoirmental control can be traced back to a stimulus)Behaviorism
____________ is a more holistic view on learning, it emphasizes the importance of an integrated learning experience, one develop understanding and appreciation that the help the person function in a large context (social, emotional and physical)Cognitivism
_______ focuses on the feelings (affective) and attitudes of the learner and stresses that individuals can become highly self-motivated learnersHumanism
In _________ the learner is actively involved in creating knowledge, it is a collection of theoriesConstructivism
The different ways an individual can be deem smart is which theoryMultiple intelligence
What are the learning domain of Blooms Taxonomycognitive, affective, and psychomotor
Give examples some factors that can hinder learninganxiety, physiologic process, pain , fatigue, health literacy level, and cultural barriers
What is the system of activities intended to produce learning Teaching
What must exist between the teacher and the learner to make the process effectiveRapport
Adults are more oriented to learning when the material is immediately useful, and not way in the _______future
Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers endorsed what type of learning theoryHumanism
Between the two (active involvement and passive involvement ) which foster optimal learningActive involvement
Listening to a lecture or watching a film is what type of learningPassive Learning
Participation in the planning and discussion about care is what type of learningActive Learning


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The Art and science of helping adults learnAndragogy
The Art and science of helping children learnPedagogy
The degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process and understand basic health information and services needed to make decisionHealth literacy
_______ is the inspiration and incentive to learn: Motivation

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