Chapter 8 and 9 vocab

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Section 1

Question Answer
loess a fine dustlike material that came from soil
dikewalls to hold in water
oracle bones animal bones or turtle shells carved with written characters that the Shang kings used to try and tell the future
pictographspictures that represent words or ideas
mandate of heaven the right to rule
warlord military rulers of small states
chaostotal disorder and confusion
Warring States Period brutal and destructive marked the period
philosophy set of beliefs about the world and how to live
ancestor worshippractice of honoring the spirits of the dead
Confucianism teachings of the philosophy that devolved china
filial piety the devotion of children to their parents
daoism ancient Chinese way of life that emphasizes a simple and natural existence

Section 2

Question Answer
great wall a long wall running east and west along his empires northern border
standardizeto set rules that makes things more similar
legalisma strong leader and a strong legal system
censor ban ideas that are dangerous
officialpeople designed to a position in the goverment
silk rodea network of trade routes that crossed Asia connecting china to central and southwest asia
envoyrepresentation of the empire
cuisine the style of cooking
monopoly single group controls the production of a group
calligraphythe art of beautiful writing
lacquera special coating made from soap on a tree
acupuncturetherapy used with needles
seismometera tool to detect earthquakes