Chapter 8 and 9 - Ancient China

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Section 1

Question Answer
loessyellow dust-like material that forms soil
dikewalls to hold back water
oracle bonesanimal bones or turtle shells with carvings thrown into a fire to attempt to see the future
pictographpictures that represent words or ideas
Mandate of heavendynasty's right to rule given by heaven
Warlordmilitary rulers of small states
chaostotal disorder and confusion
warring states periodfrom 475b.c.-221b.c. there was a violent and destructive warfare to see who becomes the next dynasty
philosophyset of beliefs about the world and how to live
ancestor worshippractice of honoring the spirits of the dead
confucianismthe teachings of confucius, one of the most important philosophies in china today
filial pietydevotion of children to parents
daoismemphasizes a simple and natural existence (dao is the natural way of the universe)

Section 2

Question Answer
Great Walla long wall running east and west along empires northern border used to stop mongols from invading
standardizeset rules to make things easier
legalismstrong leader and strong legal system are needed to create a social order
censorto ban
officialspeople assigned to a position in the gov't
civil servicesystem of gov't where employees are selected for skills and knowledge
Silk roadnetwork of trade routes that crossed asia connecting China to central and southwest asia
envoyrepresentatives of the emperor
cuisinea style of cooking
monopolywhen a single group controls the production of a good or service
calligraphyart of beautiful writing
lacquerprotective coat made from sap of a tree
acupunctureuse of needles to cure sickness and stop pain
seismometera tool to detect earthquakes

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