Chapter 7

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Question Answer
Can an oil company force entry to surveyyes
Can an oil company force entry to do a geophysical surveyno
Can an oil company force entry to drill a wellyes (well)
What government agency is involved when a company must force entrysurface rights board - Alberta government
What can a landowner protestlocation of the rig and/or the compensation
What government agency gets involved with landowner safety issues related to drilling a wellEUB
Who is the operatoroil company who deals directly with the landowner
An MSL is a document allowing access to the ______________ for the purpose of ______________Surface drilling and production
Does an MSL include both surface and mineral rightsNo – surface only
When does access to the surface need to become permanentif the well is not D&A
ROW; what does it restrict?Right of way; The landowner cannot build permanent structures over the right of way
Is compensation for surface entry usually a large sum of moneyNo, fair amount for the land taken
Does surface compensation include a royaltyno royalty
What document must an oil company have is they wish to surrender their surface lease? who grants this document?reclamation certificate; alberta environment