Chapter 7 Book Q and A

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Section 1

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The theory that competition among organized interests will produce balance, with all the interests regulating one another.Pluralism
Groups that claim to serve the general good, rather than their own particular interests are ___?citizen groups
To overcome the free-rider problem groups...providing selective benefits
Discount purchasing health insurance are examples of...Material purchasing
Friendship networking are examples on...Solidary benifits
What is an important reason for the enormous increase in the number of groups seeking to influence the American political system?the increase in the size and activity of government during the last few decades

Section 2

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What is Not an activity in which interest groups frequently engage?Starting their own political party
Which types of interest groups are most often associated with the New Politics movement?Public interest groups
What best describes the governments laws regarding lobbying?Federal law requires all organizations employing lobbyists to register with Congress and to disclose whom they represent, whom they lobby, what they are looking for, and how much they are paid.
A loose network of public officials, activist, and interest groups drawn together by a public policy issue is referred to as _____.Issue network
What is one way that interest groups use the courts to influence public policy?initiating lawsuits and lobbying for certain judges to be appointed to the bench.
What is an example of the ''going public'' strategy?Institutianal advertising, grassroots advertising. and protests and demonstrations

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