Chapter 7 Biology Vocabulary review

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Section 1

Question Answer
mitochondriaconverts chemical energy in food into compounds that cell can use
ribosomesite where proteins are assembled
endoplasmic reticulumsite where lipid components of the cell membrane are assembled
Golgi apparatusmodifies, sorts,and packges proteins
lysosomeacts as the cell's cleanup crew
chloroplastcaptures energy from sunlight and converts it into chemical energy

Section 2

Question Answer
Bacteria are examples of?prokaryotes
Cells that are larger and more complex than prokaryotes.eukaryotic cells
The portion of the cell outside of the nucleus.cytoplasm
The supporting structure of the cell that is also involved in movement.cytoskeleton
All cells are surrounded by a flexible barrier known as?cell membrane
The movement of particles from an area of greater concentration to an are of lower concentration.diffusion
When comparing solutions, the solution with the greatest concentration of solutes is?hypertonic
The solution with the lower concentration of solutes is called?hypotonic
The process of taking material into the cell by means of infoldings of the cell membrane.endocytosis
Amoebas use this process to take in food and other materials.phagocytosis

Section 3

Question Answer
The process by which cells in an organization develop in different ways to perform different tasks.Cell some hoe
In this process, a protein channel helps the diffusion of glucose across a membrane.facilitated diffusion
The diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane.osmosis
The process that moves materials through a membrane against a concentration transport