Chapter 6 U.S. History Test

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Question Answer
The foundation of the progressive movement was laid by the...muckrackers
The book by Jacob Riis "How the other half lives" presented...visual images of desperate urban poverty
In the case of Muller v. Oregon, the Brandeis brief...convinced the supreme court to uphold a law establishing a 10 hour work day
Triangle Shirtwaist company fire eventturning point for reform in workplace safety
Upton Sinclair novel "The Jungle"prompted an investigation into the meatpacking industry and brought about the passage of the Meat Inspection Act
How did muckrackers prepare the way for political reforms?By exposing corruption by writing about it
After winning some important victories, why did the Wobblies lose power? The government cracked down because of the group's racialism
What political reform was enacted through the ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment?ELections; wanted to make more fair
Ohio's Oberlin College is noted for its role in doing what?admitting women as well as men
the main concerns of the NACW were...fighting segregation and lynchings
Why did gifford pinchot accuse richard ballinger of sabotaging the government's efforts at conversation?Ballinger allowed businessmen to purchase protected land in Alaska
The Wounded Knee MassacreEnded native american resistance to the U.S. government on the Plains
some people explained the huge inequalities in american society by using a philosophy called...Social Darwinismmmmmmmmmmmmmm
What two companies built the first transcontinential railroad?Central and Union Pacific
Wade-Davis bill harshest toward the south during reconstruction
Who formed republican party?northern whigs, free soilers, and antislavery parties
salutary neglect allowed the british colonies in america to...benefit from being left alone
Virginians turned to slave labor became more difficult to recruit indentured servants by the late 1600s
the north developed a commerce based economy, while the south developed an agricultural economytrue
Why did thomas jefferson hesitate to purchase the louisiana territory from france? It was such a good offer that he couldnt refuse
The split within the republican party in 1912 presidential election ...allowed woodrow wilson to win
theodore roosevelt's administration...filed hundreds of lawsuits against monopolies
westward expansionforced U.S. to determine which states and territories would allow slavery and which would be free
18th amendmentOutlawed production and sale of alcohol
14th amendmentgrants citizenship to all persons born in U.S.
15th amendmentprotected voting rights of african american males
17th amendmentconstitutional amendment allowing american voters to directly elect U.S. senators
16th amendmentlaw that allowed congress to levy taxes based on an individual's income
19th amendmentconstitutional agreement that gave women the right to vote
new freedomwoodrow wilson's plan of reform which called for tariff reductions, banking reform, and stronger antitrust legislation
square dealTheodore roosevelt's 1904 campaign slogan
William Howard TaftAn easygoing, cautious lawyer with a more restrained view of the presidency
theodore rooseveltan energetic crusader for reform
susan b anthonyformed NWSA (National woman suffrage association)
ida tarbellwrote a scathing report condemning the business practices of the standard oil company
in progressive era, women reformerscampaigned for civil rights, children health and welfare, and prohibition
soon after roosevelt took president,he intervened in coal strike
theodore roosevelt refused to support president taft's reelectionrepublican party split after the ballinger pinchot affair
when president wilson succeeded in reducing tariffs,government made up the shortfall by a graduated income