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Question Answer
Which Structure is Highlighted?alveolar margin
Which structure is Highlighted?lateral mass
Which structure is Highlighted?sutural bone
Which structure is Highlighted?mental foramen
Which bone is Highlighted?temporal bone
Which of the following is NOT a feature of the highlighted bone?foramen lacerum
The highlighted structure articulates with all EXCEPT the frontal bone
Which bone is Highlighted?ethmoid bone
Which Structure is Highlighted?pterygoid bone
Which Structure is Highlighted?ramus
Which opening is highlighted?carotid canal
Which bone is Highlighted?ethmoid bone
Which opening is highlighted?Jugular Foramen
Which Structure is Highlighted?temporal bone
Highlighted suture & the___ both serve as a boundary for the temporal/parietal bonessquamous suture
osteoblastsmatrix-synthesizing cell respnosible for bone growth(cube shaped @ this stage); matrix calfiication
osteoclastsBone-reabsorbing cell
osteocytes Mature bone cell taht nomitors and maintains the minarlized bone matrix; occupy lucane spaces
steps in fracture repair
Which Structure is Highlighted?
fibrocartilage (knee/verterbral disc)chondrocytes/collagen r/t areas w/ pressure & stretch
appositional growthcartilage forming cell secrete new matrix @external (growth from outside)
interstitial growth(growth from inside) lucane bound cells expand from w/in
calcified cartilage is NOTBone
long bonesAll Limb bones except: wrist/patella & ankle
Short bonescube-like ; in Writs/Ankle
SesamoidSpecial type of Short bone that Forms IN a Tendon (IE Patella)
Flat bonesthin/flattened/ a bit curved. Scapula/Ribs/Sternum/Skull
Irregular bonesComplicated shapes that dont fall in other categories (ie: vetebra)
Support (bone function)cradle soft organ; rib support thorax wall
7 Bone FunctionsSupport * Protection*Movement*Mineral Growth*Blood Cell*Fat Storage*HOrmone Production
Bone isA organ (different kinds of tissues contained)
Smooth OUter layerCompact Bone
trabeculaelittle beams that make up spongy bone (usually contain yellow or red bone marrow). No osteocytes.
Short/ Irregular/FLat Bonesperiosteum/endoosteum
Medulariary Cavity Adultscontains fat (yellow marrow)
Ephyisislayer of articular (hyaline cartilage) covers joint surface r/t cushioning opposing bone ends; absorbs stress
(OUter Periosteum Layer)Fibrous -Dense Irregular Conective Tissue
(Inner Periosteum Layer )Osteogenic-primitive stem cells/osteogenic cells-create all bone cells EXCEPT destroy
red marrowlocated trabecular cavities of spongy bone of LONG bone & dipole of Flat BONE
NEWBORNDipahyisis & spongy bone contain Red Bone Marrow
osteogenicfoudn in periosteum/endosteum; flattened or squamous in growing bones=stimulate into osteoblasts or other bone lining cells
Haversian system or Osteontiny weight bearing pillar; structural unit of compact bone
lamellar boneAKA compact bone r/t lamella inside compact bone
Volkmann'sCanalPerforating canal lined with endosteum
circumferential lamellaeresist twisting of the long bone
osteoid (Organic): 1/3 of matrix r/t ground substance & collagen fibers
Question Answer
ossificationIn adults r/t mainly remodeling & repair
endochondrial ossificationUsed by all bones EXCEPT clavicles. MOre complex than intramembrous ossfication
Priamary Ossification CenterLocation where formation of long bone begins
Endocondral OssificationForms all bones below base of skull except Clavicles
Secondary OssificationShortly b4 or After birth r/t @ ephysises (1 or both)
Control Bone RemodelingGoes on contiunally regullated by 2 things P.166 IIP2
Hormonal ControlsDetermine Whether remodeling take place P. 168 -2nd Bullet
Mechanical StressDetermines Where remodeling occurs " "