Chapter 6 study guide part 2

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What is the most common spindle rotation speed for magnetic hard drives?7500 rpm
A technology that configures two or more hard drives to work together as an array of drives is called __________.RAID
With _________, two hard drives are configured as a single volume. Data is written to the first drive and when it is full, the data continues to be written to the second drive. Question options:Spanning
Windows calls ___________ a striped volume because data is striped (or written across) several hard drives evenly.Raid 0
Windows calls ___________ a mirrored volume because each drive has its own volume and the two volumes are called mirrors.Raid 1
___________ stripes data across three or more drives and uses parity checking, so that if one drive fails, the other drives can re-create the data stored on the failed drive.Raid 5
What is the minimum number of hard disks that can be used to configure RAID 5?3
What type of RAID is a combination of mirroring and striping?Raid 1+0
How many hard drives does it take to implement RAID 10?4
When implementing RAID on a motherboard, where do you enable the feature?Disk Management
What is the current maximum storage capacity limit of a magnetic tape?185 TB
The biggest disadvantage of using ______ drives is that the data is stored by sequential access.Tape drives you must start from the beginning of the tape
A DAT72 tape is also known by what term?DDS-5
If a computer is performing slowly due to file fragmentation, what Windows tool can be utilized to rearrange fragments?Defragmentation tool
What command line utility can be used to repair the BCD on a Windows installation?bootrec /RebuildBCD

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