Chapter 6 - Socialization and Social Interactions

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Nature vs. NurtureBiological (nature) and Environmental (nurture)
Socialization Life long process we learn in our society
Social interactionHow we interact with other people in a social setting
The Nature argument We are born with a behavioural tendency (innate, and biological)
Self-imageConception at one of oneself
MeadI (creative, Impulsive), Me (helps control I)
ExamCollective is similar to generalized others and Role taking is to cultural relativism
Primary socialization(Prep stage- birth to 3, Play- 3 to 5, Game- elem.) begins during game stage (experimentation)
Secondary socializationearly adolescence (participations)
Double consciousness (related to looking glass self) sense of self, defined by others (mostly referred to African americans this is think identity)
Agents of SocializationFamily, peers, education, and mass media
Social learning theoryImportance of observing and imitating
Gender stereotypingAssignment of beliefs to men and women
Hidden curriculumInformal and unwritten rules
Gender socialization Reinforcing oles to boys and girls
The Final Stage (Death)Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance ( no linear formality and it doesn't work for everyone)
Total institutions Where people are separated from society in total isolation

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