Chapter 6 psch pg 240-241

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The sensory memory for which of the following has been studied the leastsmell
George Miller's classic paper on the phenomenon of "magical seven, plus or minus two" refers to a personsmemory span
Chunking involveselaboratively encoding information
After hearing a friend's telephone number the first time, you are able to recite all seven digits in perfect order. This feat is made possible by yourmemory span
unrehearsed information stored in short term memory lasts about30 seconds
priming has been found to result inenhanced retrieval of memories
an example of hierarchical representation of information isthe table of contents of your textbook
people adapt quickly to the procedures and behaviors appropriate in a parade. The general knowledge of how to behave in a parade is called a script
You have an important meeting with your advisor on Tuesday at 1:30, after your english class. This event is stored in your _____ memoryprospective
in the systematic application of information from the science of memory to improving your study skills, the first step is to make surethe material you are studying is accurate