Chapter 6 part 1&2

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What method does an SDHC card use for storing data?Reprogammable memory
Which storage device uses aluminum platters for storing data?Hard disk
Which of the following is typically used for large data backups of servers?DTL tape
You need a storage divice that had very large storage capacity, is fast, and is relatively inexpensive. Which storage device will best suit your needs?Hard disk
Which of the following are advantages of solid stae storage compared to hard drives?(select two.)no moving parts and lower power requirements
Which of the following is not an advantage of SSDs over HDDS?inexpensive
What method does an eMMC card use for storing data?Non-volatile memory chips
Which of teh following are magnetic storage devices? (select two.)tape drive and hard disk drive
You have a mother board with 4 built-in SATA connectors. What is the maximum number of SATA devices you can connect to the motherboard using the integrated ports4
A manager wants you to install a Serial ATA hard drive into his computer, but the motherboard does not have a serial ATA connector. What should you do?Install a Serial ATA host adapter in an expansion slot.
Which of the following tasks would you complete as part of a SATA installation?Plug in the 15-pin power connector into the SATA drive.
Which of the following is the most common disk interface used for optical drives on home and office computers?SATA
Which interface is primarily used for internal hard drives in modern desktop PC systems?SATA
Which generation of SATA storage devices does the following? supports up to 6 Gbps data transfer rates and addresses solid state drivesSATA3
Which SATA storage device standard does the following?Intergrates data and device power into a single cable and uses a connector and port that are neither L-shaped nor rectangulareSATAp

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