Chapter 5

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Question Answer
Mineral rights includePNG, MCs (minerals, coal, stone)
Oil companies obtain only rights toPNG rights
“Surface to basement” includesAll formations below the surface to deepest formation above basement
“Surface to basement” excludessurface rights and all rights to the basement
Surface rights includeSand, gravel, clay
Do oil and gas companies obtain only a portion of the mineral rights?True, they will obtain rights to only P&NG or P or NG
Freehold mineral rights areMineral rights held by an individual or company
Crown mineral rights areMineral rights administered by the Crown
The Crown is a name given to Alberta Energy
Jurisdiction of the Crown is only in Alberta
royaltymoney paid to PNG rights owner that oil company leased from
Fieldgeographic area
Pool is: __________ and stores hydrocarbon information underground that contains oil or gas or both
Who is “the Board"EUB, Energy and Utilities Board

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