Chapter 5 Vocab

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night watch systemearly form of american law enforcement in which volunteers patrolled their community from dusk to dawn to keep the peace
patronage systemform of corruption in which the political party in power hires and promotes police officers and receives job related favors in return
professional modelstyle of policing advocated by august vollmer and o. w. wilson that emphasizes centralized police org, increased use of tech, and a limitation of police discretion through regulations and guidelines
intelligence-led policingan approach that measures the risk of criminal behaviour associated iwth certain indiv or locations so as to predict when and where such criminal behaviour is most likely to occur in the future
recruitmentthe process by which law enforcement agencies develop a pool of qualified applicants from which to select new employees
probationary perioda period of time at the beginning of a police officers career during which he or she may be fired w/o cayse
field trainingsegment of a police recruits training in which he or she is removed from the classroom and placed on the beat, under the supervision of senior officer
discriminationthe illegal use of characteristics such as gender or race by employers when making hiring or promotion decision
affirmative actionhiring or promotion policy favoring those groups who have suffered from discrimination in the past or continue to suffer from it
sexual harrassmenta repeated pattern of unwelcome sexual advances and or obscene remarks in the workplace; illegal under certain circumstances
double marginalitythe double suspicion that minority law enforcement officers face from their white colleagues and from members of the minority community to whcih they bleong
sheriffprimary law enforcement officer in a county, usually elected to the post by popular vote
coronermedical examiner of county, usually elected by popular vote
US Customs and Border Protection (CBP)federal agency responsible for protecting the us borders and facilitating legal trade and travel across those border
visaofficial authorization allowing a person to travel to and within the issuing country
US immigration and customs enforcement (ICE)federal agency that enforces the nations immigration and customs laws
us secret servicefed law enforcement org with the responsibility of protectng the president, pres's fam, vp, and other imp political figures
infrastructureservices and facilities that support the day-to-day needs of modern life
Federal bureau of investigationbranch of the dept of justice responsible for investigating violations of fed law
drug enforcement administration (DEA)fed agency responsible for enforcing the nations laws and regulations on narcotics and other controlled subs
private securitypractice of private corps or indivs offering services traditionally performed by police
secondary policingthe situation in which a police officer accepts off-duty employment from a private company or govt agency

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