Chapter 5 study guide

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Question Answer
The _________ sits on top of the processor and consists of a fan and a heat sink.cooler
A __________ consists of metal fins that draw heat away from the processor.heat sink
How many pins does the CPU fan header on a current motherboard have?4
CPU coolers are typically made using what two different types of materials? (Choose two)copper and aluminum
If the power connector from the CPU fan has only three pins, it can still connect to the 4-pin header on the motherboard, but what functionality is lost? Question options:Controlling the fan speed
A cooler with heat pipes, which contain a small amount of liquid that becomes a vapor when heated, allowing heat to be drawn away from the CPU without the use of a fan is known by what two terms?fanless CPU cooler and passive CPU cooler
What component would you add to your chassis to help prevent overheating?Case fan
The most popular method of cooling overclocked processors is a(n) __________.liquid cooling system
A power supply has ________ ratings, which are the amounts of power it can supply.wattage
Which one component in a high-end gaming computer is likely to draw the most power?Video card
To calculate the wattage capacity for a power supply, the power supply should be rated ______ higher than the expected needs for each component.30%
How can you find the actual wattage required for each individual component of a computer system?Go to the Manufacturer's Web site for each part
When an end user brings a computer to you to repair, begin the troubleshooting process by _____________.interviewing the user
Place these six steps for solving a problem used by most expert troubleshooters in order: __6__ Document the outcome __1__ Interview the user __2__ Back up data as needed __3__ Examine the system and establish a theory __4__ Plan what to do and then fix the problem __5__ Verify the fix and take preventative action
If you are trying move a hard drive from a non-working computer to a working computer for the purposes of accessing the data on the drive, what must you have?you must have an Administrator password before you can access the data on the Drive
What is a typical symptom of a CMOS battery failure?time and date settings lost
What is an indication that an inadequate power supply is the source of an intermittent problem?the power supply whines when you first turn on the system
A missing standoff could create what potential problem?a short on the motherboard
If you suspect your system is overheating, how can you determine the CPU temperature?go into UEFI/BIOS setup and find the temperature monitors for the system
Which of the following is NOT a solution to an overheating problem?remove the covers from empty expansion slots
What does a single beep or no beep imply during the startup of a computer?all POST tests passed
If you see an error message that reads "Processor thermal trip error", what is the likely problem?the processor has overheated
If a CPU is overheating, which of the following might be the cause?The fan is clogged with dust.
What should you do if the system continually reboots and you can't read the error message produced on a blue screen?press F8 as Windows starts up
What component of a motherboard is not considered to be a field replaceable unit?chipset
Why might you disable quick booting features in BIOS when you are troubleshooting a problem?to see a full POST report
Which of the following protects your computer from brownouts or sags?UPS
The _________ is a round air duct that helps pull and direct fresh air from outside a computer case to the cooler and processor. Intel and AMD both recommend it as part of the case design.Chassis Air Guide
When testing a laptop power connector, how close should the voltage measured be to the accepted voltage of the laptop?+/- 5%
One long and two short beeps when using an Award BIOS is an indication of what issue?a video problem
Three long beeps during the POST sequence on an Intel BIOS are an indication of what type of issue?keyboard controller problem
A PCIe 6/8 pin connector for providing auxiliary power to PCIe cards utilizes what voltage?+12v
If the startup BIOS can't find a device to use to load the operating system, what error message is likely to appear?Fixed disk error
What is a typical sign that a capacitor is bad or has failed? (Choose two)The capacitors are discolored and The capacitors have a crusty corrosion at the base of the capacitor
Proper _________ is essential to keeping a system cool. Question options:air circulation