Chapter 5 study guide

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Section 1

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Roman Peace Pax Romana
death on the crosscrucifixion
first citizens princeps
engineering works to supply water to citiesaqueducts
the lifestyle of withdrawing from all wordy cares and possessions and practicing strict discipline and religious exercises monasticism
worship place pf jewish peoplesynagogue
title of the roman emperors, " greatest ponitiff"pontifex maximus
translation of the old testament in greek Septuagint
a roman term formal those outside the empire who did not share in the Greek or Roman culture barbarians

Section 2

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had christianity persecution, he divided the land in the Roman Empire, diocletian
made christianity legal Constantine
made Christianity the official religion Theodosius I
wrote the "Homer of Rome" that glorified Aeneid Virgil
poet of Augustan ageHorace
vote bitter satires about loose morals and the societal problems Juvenal
devoted to stoicism Marcus Aurelius
Augustus kicked him out from the city Ovid
historian who preferred the republic to the emperors Tacticus
first emperor who began the persecution of the christians Nero

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