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Chapter 5 review

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Question Answer
1. The medical assistant checks safety systems in a small health care facility and ensures the facility has appropriate fire safety measures in place which is the best intervention by the medical assistant Installing a multipurpose fire extinguisher
2. A medical assistant is summarizing the storage and maintenance of household bleach which is used for decontamination of blood spills, which statement by the medical assistant needs correction?A safety data sheet does not have to be on file for household bleach
3. What is the purpose of safety data sheets (SDS) available in organizations?For providing information on the flammability of chemicals present in clinic.
4. What will help a medical assistant to know the flammability of chemicals when moving them from one place to another?Safety data (SDS)
5. What is the government agency responsible for the physical protection of employees in the workplace?Occupational safety and health administration (OSHA)
6. Which class of medications does the medical assistant expect to be the most beneficial for a patient with mittelshmerz?Analgesics
7. Which conditions can be treated by immediate application of cold?-Sprain, joint injury, minor burns
8. What objectives should staff keep in mind when preparing an emergency action plan (EAP)?-Establishing a clear chain of command. - protecting the safety of patients, visitors and staff. -protecting clinic property, facilities, and equipment.
9. A medical assistant demonstrates to employees how to evacuate the clinic during a fire. What is something that the medical assistant might mention to colleagues regarding evacuation?Evacuate the area, following the safety plan.
10. What are the several elements included in a written emergency action plan, according to the occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) guidelines?-designation of rescue and medical duties. -Evacuation procedures and emergency escape routes. -Whom to contact for additional information or clarification.