Chapter 5 Q and A

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Section 1

Question Answer
The term public opinion is used to describeThe beliefs and attitudes that people have about issues.
Variable such as income, education, race, gender, and ethniciyOften create differences of political opinion in America
Today the term ____ refers to an ideology that supports social and political reform, greater economic equality, and the expansion of government social services. Liberalism
The proces by which Americans learn political beliefs and values is called ___.Political socialization
Which of the following is not an agent of socialization: political conditions, political attitudes, the family, or education?Political attitudes
When men and women respond differently to issues of public policy. This is an example of ____.The gender gap

Section 2

Question Answer
The fact that the public is inattentive to politics and must frequently reply on information shortcuts has which of the following effects on American democracy?Weakens it by making it easier for various institutions and political actors to manipulate the political process
Which of the following are the most important external influences on how political opinions are formed in the marketplace of ideas? Media
Which of the following is the term used in public opinion polling to denote the small group representing the opinions of the whole population?Sample
The push poll is a poll in which ____.A polling technique in which the questions are designed to shape the respondent's opinion
A familiar polling problem is the "bandwagon effect," which occurs when ____. Polling results influence people to support the candidate marked as the probable victor in a campaign

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