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You have a desktop computer you want to upgrade. You add several internal components and external components. you realize that you need to ensure that power supply can support all of the new devices. which power supply rating is used to determine this?Watt rating
You need to replace the power supply in your home desck top computer. as you choose the replacement power supply, which of the following specifications are the most likely to affect your choice (select three.)processor connector output wattage and form factor
You are building a new computer from both new and used parts. the video card is a PCIe video card that requires an 8-pin power connector. However, you power supply doesn't have an 8-pin PCIe power connector. which solution would be the least expensive option for your system?use and adapter cable to connect two 4-pin Molex connectors to the 8-pin PCIe connector
Which of the following components converts AC to DC?Power supply
Which of the following voltages are provided by an ATX power supply. (select 3.)3.3 five and 12
the company you relocated you to thier united kingdom office in london. you brought your personal computer with you and are in the process of setting it up. Your computer was previously configured to recive 110 V AC, but the electicity in London uses 230 V AC. Which of the following would allow your computer to eun on 230 V AC?Toggle the voltage switch on the power supply to the different voltage.
You have a motherboard that uses a 24-pin ATX connector. Which types of power supply could you use with this motherboard? (select two)A power supply with a 20-pin ATX and a +4-pin connector and a power supply with a 24- pin ATX connector only
Which of the following fuctions does an ATZ power supply perform? (Select two)Converts AC to DC and Aids in thermal management
Which of the following divices use the 4-pin peripheral (Molex) Connector? ( select two)case fan and PATA CD-ROM
you need to replace the power supply in your home desktop computer. Which of the following specifications are the most likely to affect your power supply choice? (select Three)type and number of connectors, output wattage and the form factor
You are testing the power supply in a PC system by measuring the voltage avaliable on the 4- pin Molex connector. The voltage on the red wire is +5.1 volts. What should you do?Nothing, the power supply is working normally.
you have a desktop comuter that uses a 250 watt power supply. you recently addes a 4-disk RAID 10 array to the system and now it spontaneous shuts down. What should you do?Upgrade to a power supply that provides more watts.
Which power supply feature helps prevent circuit overload by balancing the current flow?Dual rail
You are servicing a client's computer that has been randomly decide to test the power supply using a multimeter. you connect the positive lead to the yellow wire on one of the Molex connectors. which action should you take based on the multimeter reading (shown below)? 10.24The power supply is failing and should be replaced.
AN emplyee submitted a support ticket stating that her computer will not turn on. Which of the following troubleshooting steps should you take first? (select two)Make sure the power chord is plugged into the wall and make sure the surge protector is turned on.

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