Chapter 5 Legal

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Question Answer
How do the Nursing Practice Act control the practice of nursingthrough licensure
Purpose of Nursing Practice Actto define scope--create educational requirement-- abbreviation usage--protect pubic from unlicensed nurses
What are the four primary sources of the lawconstitution--status--administrative--decisions of court(common Law)
Rules or body of rules of conduct Law
Give example of statutory laws affecting nursesGood Samaritan--Elder and child abuse--Sexual Harassment--Self-Determination
What are the types of legal actionscivil or criminal
Negligence fall under what type of legal actioncivil (tort)
Type of legal actions that involves individuals (private)civil
Type of legal actions that involves, disputes between an individual and societycriminal

Nursing Practice Act

Question Answer
First Law applicable to nursesPermissive Law
Whom regulates nursing practice within a given stateNational Council of State board of Nursing
T/F LPN/LVN delegatefalse
T/F Nurse Practice Act protect title and identifies grounds for disciplinary actionsTrue
The Process of determining and maintaining competencies in nursing practiceCredentialing
What are the parts of credentialing licensure--registration--certification--accreditation
How do the nursing profession maintain it's scope of practice and accountabilitycredentialing
Legal permit a government agency grants to a person to allow them to practice in a professionLicensure
What are the different type of licensuremandatory (USA)--permissive
Voluntary practice of validating that a nurse has met a minimum standard of nursing competence in specialty areaCertification
How are nurses usually assessed in the quality of care they provideStandarf of care

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