Chapter 4

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Question Answer
bacillusrod shaped
fewer groupings of baccili than coccir/t baccili only divide across their short axis
Capitalized Bacillusrefers to a genus r/t twisted chians of cells
monomorphicmost bacteria are like this as they usually maintain a single shape
pleomorphicmany shapes not just one
extracellular polymeric substance (EPS)protects cell walls w/in; communication w/in; survival r/t attaching to difft surf
atrichiouslack flagella
petrichousflagella over entile cell
endoflagellabunldes of fibrils arise@ ends of cell beneath outer sheath/spiral around cell
fimbrae=no fimbrae=no diseaseformi biofilms/other aggregations @ sufrface of liquid/glass/rocks
pililonger; only 1/2 per cell; involved in motility& DNA transfer
twitching motilityshort/intermittent jerky movements; power stroke
gliding moitlityenables travel to are w/ low water content;biofilms or soil
protoplastwall-less cell ; spherical; capable of still carrying on metabolism
L formsafter loosing cell wall swells into L forms; spontaneous or r/t penicillin
spheroblastremnants of paslma membrane, outerwall of cell gram-Positive
osmotic lysisprotoplasts/spheroplasts burst in pure water r/t lower concentration of water
chrmatosphores or thyalkoidspigments/enzymes r/t photsynthesis in infoldings of plasma membrane
mesomesartifcats formed from specimen prep r/t electron microsciope