Chapter 4 Vocab.

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Section 1

Question Answer
acquitto declare not guilty
deem to think, believe, consider
devastateto destroy, wreck
discreditto throw doubt upon, a loss or lack of belief
elusivedifficult to catch or to hold
generate to bring into existence, create
idolizeto worship as an idol, to adore
ingratitudea lack of thankfulness
keepsakesomething kept in memory of the giver

Section 2

Question Answer
mortal a being that must eventually die
ovationan enthusiastic public welcome; an outburst of applause
pettyunimportant, trivial
plight a sorry condition or state
repent to feel sorry for what one has done
reveriea daydream, lost in thought
revocation an act or instance of calling back
scan to examine closely, to look over
strand a beach or shore; a string of wire, hair, etc.
strifebitter disagreement; struggle
toppleto fall forward; to overturn, bring about the downfall of

Section 3

Question Answer
acutewith a sharp point
blusterto talk or act in a noisy way; stormy gusts
bungleto act or work clumsily and awkwardly
commentary expression of opinion
duration the length of time that something lasts
eeriestrange, weird, mysterious
facet one aspect or side of a subject or problem
fidelity being faithful
fray a brawl or noisy quarrel
headstrong willful, stubborn

Section 4

Question Answer
inhabitant one living permanently in a given place
numb loss of feeling
pacify to make peaceful or calm
ravenous greedy, very hungry
refute to prove incorrect
remorse deep and painful regret for one's past misdeeds
setback something that interferes with progress; a step back
smugoverly self-satisfied; conceited
synoposis a summary
tarry to delay leaving, wait, stay awhile