Chapter 4 Tissues

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define tissues group of similar cells that are similar in structure and perform a common or related function
what are the four types of tissue ? epithelium , connective tissue , muscle tissue, and nervous tissue
what is epithelium a sheet of cells that that covers a body surface or lines a body cavity
what is glandular epithelium fashions the glands of the body
what are some of the general functions of epithelial tissue ? protection , absorption, filtration , excretion, secretion, sensory reception
where are epithelial cells usually located ? outer layer of skin , lines open cavities or urinary , digestive , and respiratory tracts ,

Section 2

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what is an apical surface ? upper free surface of cell that is exposed to external environment or caviy of inner organ
explain the relevance of microvilli in epithelial tissue they increase surface area to allow more absorption to occur
what is the basal surface lower attached surface or the bottom of the cell
which junctions bind adjacent cells together ? desmosomes , and tight junctions
what is the basement membrane compsed of basal lamina and reicular lamina
avascular contains no blood vessels
innervated supplied by nerve fibers

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function of nervous tissue? internal communicatoion
where are nervous tissue normally located brain ,spinal cord, nerves
function of muscle tissue ? contracts to cause movement
where are muscle tissue normally located ? muscles attatched to bones , muscles of the heart, muscles of walls of hollow organs
function of connective tissue supports protects binds other tissues together
where are connective tissue normally located ? bones , tendons , fat and other soft padding tissue

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