Chapter 4 Section 1

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Section 1

Question Answer
When was Stamp Acts passed?Mach 1765 by Parliament
What were the Stamp Acts?colonist were required to purchase special stamps for every legal license, almanac, newspapes, pamphlet, and document
What happens if colonists disobeyed? Tries in vice courts where convictions are probable

Section 2

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Who are the Sons of Liberties? Asl Artisans Shopkeepers and Laborers
What did they do? organized the secret resistance
One of the foundersSamuel Adams
Why were stamps not being sold?Because the Sons of Liberties prevented that from happening

Section 3

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What happened during the years of 1765 & 1766?Colonial assemblies confronted the Stamp Acts
What did Virginia do?Patrick Henry had a solution
What was the solution? Virginia should be taxed by its own assembly
October 1765delegates from the 9 colonies met in New York Cuty
Stamp Act Congresspassed a declaration of rights and grievances
The colonies joined forces because they rejected Franklin's Plan of Union

Section 4

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New York Philadelphia and Boston Refused to import manufacture in Britain, Stamp Act Repealed
Declatory ActParliament full rights to make laws