Chapter 4 - Part 3 Wednesday summer class

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Section 1

Question Answer
Give an example of a structure and content standard.HL7
This universal language is used to store data on the internet?XML
This data set is desinged to collect a minimum set of data about inpatients?UHDDS
This dada set is used to collect data about ambulatory care patients?UACDS
This data set is used to collect data on long-term care residents?MDS
This data set is used to collect data on Medicare patients receiving Home Health care.OASIS-C
This data set is used to collect data Managed Healthcare plans for benchmarking purposes.HEDIS
This data set is used to collect data on Hospital Emergency Rooms and is used by the CDC.DEEDS
This provides a structured way to devlop a long-term care resident care plan?MDS
This was developed by the Joint Commission.ORYX
This is a core data set for a patient's clinical summary?CCR
The RAI (Resident Assessment Instrument) is triggered by the data collected by the?MDS
The is a structured way to devlop a long-term care resident care plan?MDS
ASTM and HL7 combined their work to create this document as an implemntation guide for sharing CCR patient summary data using the CDA.CCD
The first known efforts to collect and use healthcare data to produce meaningful statistical profiles was when, where, for what and by who?Early 1600's - London - common causes of death - Captain John Graunt

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This best describes an SDO.Develops standards.
This should be used to communicate information from one proivder to another for referral, transfer, or discharge of patient/CCR
This was adopted as the federal health information interoperability messaging standard for imaging.DICOM
This SDO develops messaging, data content, and document standards to support the exchange of clinical information.HL7
These standards are for communication between bedside medical devices and patient care information systems.IEEE 1073
One of the two official HHR advisory groups established as a result of ARRA responsible for making recommendations to the National Coordinator is?HITPC
This standard assists in the sharing of information from one provider to another for patient care.ASTM CCR
What organization coordinates the efforts of other SDOs?ANSI
What type of standard establishes common definitions for medical terms?Vocabulary
What type of standard protects patient-identifiable health information?Privacy and Security
What type of standard provides clear and uniform definitions of the data elements to be included in EHR systems?Record Structure and Content Standards.
The TJC introduced this initiative to inteegrate outcomes data and other performance measurement data into its accreditation process.ORYX

Section 3

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This is a single fact or measurement.Data element
Combined data elements give meaning and have been converted, analyzed, interpreted to give data meaning are known as what?Information
This is data that has been extracted from individual records and combined with other records.Aggregate data
Recommended data elements with uniform definitions that are relevant for a particular use.Data Sets
In the 1960's the NCHS and NCVHS coordinated effects to create whatData Sets
What are the 2 purposes of Data sets?identify data elements to be collected on each patient and Uniform definitions for common terms.
What is the most important data set that will be used in HIM?UHDDS
What are the 3 reasons for the increase in UACDS and the decrease in UHDDS?Technological advancements - third-party reimbursement for outpatient service - Medicare prospective payment system (PPS) limits
What are the 6 types of data sets?UHDDS - UACDS - MDS - OASIS-C - HEDIS - DEEDS
This high tech act established under ARRA appropreated a lot of money to help support IT and established a permanent office. What is the permanent office and what are the 2 commetties?ONC - HITPC and HITSC.
This institute coordinates all the SDO's?ANSI
What are the 4 specific types of standards.Structure and Content - Exchange - Vocabulary - Privacy and Security
This is data about data (exp. creation date, access dates, modifications)?Metadata

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