Chapter 4 Cert Quiz

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Section 1

Question Answer
Informed consent requires that the information provided is enough for the patient to make an educated decision
Law refers to the recognized rule of conduct enforced by a legal authority
The law requires a physician to report to the appropriate authorities a person suspected of elderly abuse
Consent for a persons own medical treatment may be given bya 17 year old who is in the navy
A patients implied consent usually covers anEKG
A tort is a type of civil law
Malfeasance is one form of malpractice
A physician may obtain his or her own license by any of the following except registration
Advance directives include a medical power of attorney
REpondeat superior refers to a physicians responsibility for the actions of his or her staff
The good samaritan act does not cover a health care provider who volunteers to provide first aid at a charitable fun run
A physician who accepts payment from another physician for the refferal of a patient is guilty of fee splitting
Failure to act in a manner that a prudent and reasonable person would under similar circumstances is negligence
The 4 Ds are used to determine malpractice, the following are the Ds except defendant
A minor may consent for all of the following except sterilization
A communicable disease to be reported to the county health department is rubella
Medical examiner cases involvedeath
A situation in which the very nature of the injury implicates malpractice is called res ipsa loquiter
The strongest mandatory credential regulated by a state to practice a prodession is a(n) licensure
Medical assistants may be certified

Section 2

Question Answer
Ethics deal with morals
The PCP was designed to involve the patient in their care
The first medical code of ethics was written by Hammurabi
Which of the following is considered an ethical issue allocation of resources
A medical assistant publicly criticizes a physicians diagnostic skills, this is an example of slander
Which of the following conditions must be reported Hep B
A court order instructing the physician to report to court at a certain time and date is a subpoena
A living willis an advance directive stating the patients decisions for medical care before an incapacitating event
Dr Smith is no longer willing to take care of Mr Watsonabandonment
The patient puts out his or her arm to allow the physician to cleanse an abrasion, this is an example of implied consent
The physician performs an elective surgical procedure without a written consent, the physician is guilty of battery
The purpose of the good samaritan act is to protect health care workers from liability when rendering first aid at an accident scene
Which of the following actions is governed by criminal lawpurposefully overcharging on a medicare claim
A patient is treated for a minor gunshot wound public duty
A patient calls to make an appointment and states the symptoms for the office visit 'sounds like the flu'scope of practice
Mandatory reporting is required in all of the following cases except alcohol abuse
A form of malpractice is nonfeasance which means failure to act when duty is indicated resulting in or causing harm
A physician casts a fracture of the ulna incorrectlytort
The medical office must comply with the regulations and standards of OSHA
All of the following are governmental agencies setting standards and regulations that must be followed by medical offices except TJC

Section 3

Question Answer
The physicians office shares a patients medical information with an insurance company. The physicians office did not have the patients written consent , the office is guilty of breach of confidentiality
A wheelchair patient could not use the medical office restroom because it was too small for the wheelchair, this office is in violation of ADA
The PCP is designed to provide the following except open disclosure and private information
A valid contract must be entered into by competent parties
The purpose of law is to remedy wrongs
An expressed contract is written
Written consent for medical care must be voluntary
Examples of ethical cases affected by the law are cases involvingthe right to die
Ethical issues are addressed in professional codes
In cases of public safetythe laws protecting the general population usually take precedence over an individuals rights
A medical assistant could be held liable for the actions of a cowkrer
A favorable patient outcome resulting from the QI process may be preventing illness
All of the following are examples of risk management exceptgiving the patient an injection ordered by the physician
The AMA Principles of medical ethics require a physician toreport other physicians deficient in character or competence
What prohibits job descrimination for race, color, religion, sex or national originEEOC
Employment law is generally considered administrative law
The purpose of the red flag rule is to guard for medical identity theft
Administrating an incorrect medication might be considered misfeasance
The patient threatened to take legal action known as tort
The case did not meet which of the following Ds to determine malpracticedamage
Although the MA was of agency
The MA violated standard of care