Chapter 4 AP Art History part 2

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Question Answer
What ceremonies are held every three to six years to honor the lives of those who have died?Dama/Masquerades
Which culture is found in MaliDogon
Which european nation established contact with the kingdom of Benin in the 1470's?Portugal no
The majority of sculpture created in African societies is made of what medium?Wood
What is a rock painting?Petroglyph
Nok figures are primarily made of what?Terracotta
How many times is clay fired to become terracottaonce
earliest sculpture-in-the-round has been found in Nigeria and is made by which culture?Nok
earliest known sub-Saharan culture is the ?Nok
Lost wax method is also called cire perdue
Large groups of ceramic sculpture dating between 1000-1600 CE have been excavated in the inland delta of which river?Niger
Great Zimbabwe is unusual because it is made of what medium?stone; the normal medium is adobe
What is the friday mosque made of?Plaster over adobe
What types of items does kingship regalia include?beads, shells, cloth, animal skins and teeth, and feathers
African culture known for its bronze castingBenin
a type of body ornamentation that is permanent scarification
____ veneration is quite common among african culturesancestor
mbari house shrines were created by which group of which country?igbo
___ is the igbo goddess of the earthala
an elaborate complex to house clay sculptures is called a mbari --> deliberately made with adobe
a kongo nail figure is called Nkisi n'Konde
a masquerader is a mediator between powers of nature and human
the legendary female hero of the dogon was calledsatimbe
the yoruba making society is called the gelede
In which society do men wear female costumes to placate the older women in the society?Yoruba
a Dogon men's house is called a house of words