Chapter 3

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The mRNA start codon, AUG, matches up with a tRNA anticodonUAC
Diffusion high to low concentration with no use of energy (ATP)
Osmosismovement of water from high to low.
Osmotic pressurecreated by dissolved solutes, acts as a pulling force, draws water toward the highest solute concentration
Active transportlow to high concentration - requires energy (ATP).
Filtration requires a force or pressure
desmosomes considered anchoring junctions
plasma membranea dynamic fluid structure that is in constant flux.
facilitated diffusion water molecules moving across plasma membranes by osmosis do so via a process that is most similar to
chromatin (histones)allow DNA to form a compact structure
DNA polymerase builds new strands of DNA. It does this by adding DNA nucleotides one at a time
leading strand is built continuouslythe lagging strand is built in pieces
A only binds withT and T only binds with A
Prophase the nuclear envelope and nucleoli disappear