Chapter 3 study guide part 2

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A ________ is a set of rules and standards that any two entities use for communication.Protocol
What type of bus does PCI Express use?Serial
The width of a data bus is called the path size
What unit is used to measure the frequency of memory, FSB, and the processor?Hz
_________ is one million cycles per second.Megahertz(MHz)
_________ is one billion cycles per second.gigahertz (GHz)
Where do today's computers store almost all motherboard configuration data?
When you install an expansion card in a ________ slot, the card sits parallel to the motherboard and takes up less spaceriser card
Ports on the motherboard can be disabled or enabled in _______ setup.BIOS
____________ is firmware on the motherboard that is replacing BIOS. It is used to enable or disable a connector, port, or component; control the frequency of the CPU, security features, and what happens when the PC first boots. Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)
Which setting can be configured via the BIOS screen?change the boot sequence
_____________ means running a processor, memory, motherboard, or video card at a higher speed than the manufacturer recommends.Overclocking
What has occurred if you see the message "Chassis Intruded! System has halted." the next time you start your computer?The case has been opened
_____________ is when one physical machine hosts multiple activities that are normally done on multiple machines.Virtualization
_____________ is a technology embedded in the BIOS of many laptops to protect a system against theft. If this software is installed you can give commands through the Internet to lock the laptop or delete the data on it.LoJack
Which chip on the motherboard does Windows Bitlocker Encryption use to secure the hard drive?TPM chip
__________ are small programs stored on the hard drive that an operating system, such as Windows or Linux, uses to communicate with a specific hardware device.Device drivers
If a USB port on the motherboard is failing, what can you do to fix the problem?update
A ________ is a set of small posts or metal pins that stick up on the motherboard, used to hold configuration information.Jumper

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