Chapter 3 Historical Foundation

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Dietary health -Hebrew -differentiated between clean and uncleanMosaic Health Code
The ancient civilization that invented regulation of sanitation and public healthCode of Hammurabi
Give examples of how bible had public welfare in mindquarantine of lepers
Where were males first documented as nursesIndia and Rome
The parable that influenced the development of Western NursingGood Samaritan
Christian value that influenced the nursing professionLove thy neighbor
First state to recognize ARNPIdaho
How do nurses change sociallyeducation and practice
Runner for federal funded training for nurses ( no discrimination on race or marital status)U.S. Cadet Nurse Corp
Who recruited Florence N. to Crimean war for aid with the soldiersSir Sidney
Motive for Florence N. nursing careerreligious calling
One of the first organizations to devote to caring for the sickSisters of Charity
How can learning about the past and root of nursing help nurseshelp establish professional Identity
Where did Florence N. go to schoolKaiserswerth

Professional Organization

Question Answer
The Purpose of Nursing Organizationsmeet the professional--social---healthcare needs of the public
American Nursing Association (ANA)represents all nurses at the national level, whether you are a member or not and is actually a federation of all the state nursing associations
Sigma Theta Tau International- international honor society for nurses-The focus of this organization is on nursing research and scholarships
National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA)Organization that RN students can join while they are in nursing school
National League for Nursing (NLN)organization that focus on education provides professional development for nursing facilities
American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN)national voice for baccalaureate and higher degree nursing educational programs
International Council of Nursing (ICN)repping nurses worldwide-advancing profession and influencing health policy
Speciality Nursing Organizationspecial interest group that focus on practice ex-AACN-CRRN-ARN-WCC
Special Intrest Grouporganization that rep nurses from specific ethnic group ex-NBNA-PNA

Nurses to know

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Mary MahoneyAmerica's first African American nurse
Lillian WaldFounder of public health nursing, slums of NYC
Dorothea Lynde Dix(social reformer)-mental health advocate
Harriet Tubman(social reformer)-Underground railroad-provided nursing
Margaret Sanger(social reformer)-forerunner for planned parenthood
Mary Elizabeth Carnegie(social reformer)-first black nurse elected on board of nursing in FL-- fought against discrimination
Clara Maass(risk taker) Cared for yellow fever victims in Cuba -- volunteered to be bit by mosquitoes to save lives
Barbara Fassbinder(risk taker) First care taker documented of contracting HIV on the job
Loretta C. Fordfounded the first NP program in 1965 in collaboration with Dr.Silver
Florence Nightingale is considered the founder of modern nursing- first nurse researcher
Mary Seacolelearned nursing in Jamaica- went to Crimea to tend to wounded soilders

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