Chapter 3.1

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You want to build a computer that can stand upright on a desk ans takes up the least amount of space possible. what type of case should you select?Mico-ATX slim tower
Which of the following form factors does not have expansion slots on the motherboard,but instead uses a riser card for expansion cards. NLX
You decided to upgrade your PC with a faster processor. to do this, you order a new mother board that supports the processor you want to use. when it arrives you discover that is uses a mini-ATX form factor. your current case is a ATX mid tower with a standard ATX motherboard inside. what should you do?use the mini ATX-motherboard in the ATX case.
you need to purchase a case that meets the following criteria:1.compatible with most form factors. 2. at least two external and internal bays. 3 good balance of size and space. What type of case should you purchase? ATXmid-tower
which motherboard for factor allows for low-consumption power supplies?Mini-ITX

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