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Chapter 29 key terms

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transistent inschemic attack (TIA)temporary neurologic symptoms caused by gradual or partial occlusion of a cerebral blood vessel.
ecchysmosisskin discoloration (bruising)
mediastinumspace in the center of the chest
hematuriablood in the urne
arrhythmiairregularity in the heart rythm.
cyanosisblue coloration of the mucous membranes. by lack of oxygen
myocardiumthe muscular lining of the heart.
thrombolyticsagents that dissolve blood clots
photophobiasensitivity to light.
fibrillationrapid contractions of the heart.
idiophaticcondition or disease that has no know cause
safety data sheets sdsdocuments that accompany hazardous chemicals
necrosis death of cells or tissues
polydipsiaexcessive thirst
diaphoresisexcretion of sweat
emeticsubstance that causes vomiting
asystoleabsence of a heartbeat

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