Chapter 22 Cert Quiz

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Question Answer
Heat applied to a large part of the body will causevasodilation
Infrared therapy uses heat produced bywavelengths
Cryotherapy is a form of treatment that usesice packs and cold packs
Which of the following is necessary to do when measuring crutches so they fit properlythere should be a gap of two to three finger widths between the underarm and the top of the crutch
A device used to measure the extent of joint movement is an goniometer
The realignment of a dislocated finger is an example of which kind of therapymanipulation
When the tips of both crutches and one leg are advancing at the same time, it is referred to as a three point gait
Kneading and tapping of tissue with the hands is a form of massage
When instructing a patient of the use of a cane, you should tell him or her togo up steps with the stronger limb first
Good body mechanics include the following guidelines exceptwhen lifting, maintain a narrow base with feet together
The area of medicine that deals with restoration or improving function impaired by disease is rehabilitative medicine
Cold therapy is frequently applied to decrease swelling
The use of a whirlpool is an example of hydrotherapy
An example of a deep heating agent is diathermy
To evaluate the extent of movement of a patients knee, the following exam would be performed range of motion
The preferred method used in the initial treatment of an injury is ice pack
The type of gait in which the patient advances the right foot and left crutch and then the left foot and right crutchtwo point gait
Exercises performed by the patient without assistance are active exercises
The common acts performed during a persons normal day are referred to asactivities of daily living
A therapeutic method used to treat jaundice in newborns is ultraviolet
Physiatry deals with diagnosis and treatment of disease and disability using physical means
Which of the following therapeutic methods uses melted waxparaffin bath
A method of physical therapy used to realign fractured bones is traction
The purpose of using heat therapy includes the following exceptdecrease bleeding or hemorrhage
The two bones of the lower leg are the tibia and fibula
EMS were called to the scene of the accident and after the assessment theyimmobilized the fracture
When Bobby was brought to the ED, _________ was used to attempt to prevent swelling cryotherapy
After Bobby was treated, he was given crutches and taught the following gait three point gait
After several weeks and after the cast was removed, Bobby was sent to physical therapy, which included hydrotherapy