Chapter 21-23 McDougal Littel GeographyVocabulary Terms - SW Asia

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Chapter 21-23 McDougal Littel GeographyVocabulary Terms - SW Asia


Question Answer
WadiA riverbed that remains dry except during the rainy season
Dead SeaA landlocked salt lake fed by the Jordan River
Rub al-KhaliA vast desert on the Arabian Peninsula
Drip IrrigationThe practice of using small pipes that slowly drip water just above ground to preserve water use for irrigation
RefineryA place where crude oil is converted into a useful product
Tigris RiverOne of two rivers that supported several ancient river civilizations (east)
Euphrates RiverOne of two rivers that supported several ancient river civilizations (west)
Salt FlatAn area in a rain shadow where water has evaporated and left chemical salt behind; the Dasht-e Kavir and the Dasht-e Lut are examples
DesalinationRemoval of salt form the ocean water
Fossil WaterWater that is stored in underground springs or aquifers; in SW Asia it has little chance of being replenished because of little rainfall
Golan HeightsAlso called Al Jawlan, a hilly plateau overlooking the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee
Jordan RiverIt provides one of the most precious resources in the region- water
OasisAn area in the desert where vegetation is found because water is available, especially fed by underground springs
Crude OilUnprocessed Petroleum
MeccaThe holiest city of Islam; Located in Saudi Arabia
MosqueA Muslim place of worship
Dome of the RockWhere Abraham, a Jewish forefather, prepared to sacrifice his son to God
MesopotamiaAn ancient civilization that formed between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers
KurdsAn ethnic group; claim homelands in parts of Turkey, Iran and Iraq.
IslamOne of the three monotheistic religions
MuhammadFounder of Islam; Prophet
TheocraticA system in which religious leaders control the government
OPEC(Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) An organizations that helps members control worldwide oil prices
Western WallA portion of the Second Temple
Zionism A movement that helped to create and support a Jewish homeland in Palestine.
PLO(Palestine Liberation Organization) An organization that used political and military force to take possession of Arab land in Israel
SunniOne of two branches of Islam
Taliban A very strict Muslim Group
Stateless NationA nation of people without a land to legally occupy
Guest WorkersLaborers who fill jobs in SW Asia that native peoples find culturally or economically unacceptable
Human ResourcesSkills and talents of the people
Gaza StripA territory along the Mediterranean Sea just NE of the Sinai Peninsula
Palestinians Arabs who lived or still live in the area formerly called Palestine, now called Israel
West Bank A strip of land on the west side of the Jordan River
Strategic CommodityA resource so important that nations will go to war to ensure its steady supply.

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