Chapter 20 quiz

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The measurements of the smallest blocks on standard ECG paper are 1mm wide by 1mm high
Lead 1 of the ECG tracing is the heart view between the right arm (RA) and the left arm (LA)
In a standard ECG, lead V3 is located midway between position V2 and V4
Proper preparation of the patient includes the following except place the electrodes or sensors over bony prominences of the arms and legs where the electrical activity is more easily conducted
The height of a normal standardization mark on an ECG tracing is 10mm
AC interference is an artifact in an ECG tracing that meansthere is an electrical interference in the room
The cardiac testing procedure that requires the patient to keep a diary of daily activities is a Holter monitor
The ECG grounding lead is the lead attached to the right leg
The ECG tracing is printed on graph paper at a standard speed for an adult of 25mm/sec
Lead II of the ECG tracing records the electrical activity through the heart from the right arm to left leg
During the electrical heart cycle, repolarization refers to the recovering phase
The chest lead V1 is located in which intercostal spacefourth
The image traced on the ECG paper is a graph representing the electrical activity of the heart
The purpose of adjusting the normal standard to one-half standard is todecrease the size of the patients ECG tracing
When a patient has trouble relaxing or sitting still for the ECG, the artifact that may occur issomatic muscle tremor
The type of cardiac procedure that requires the use of a treadmill is cardiac stress test
The MA should gather all the appropriate patient data before the ECG procedure except date of the patients first ECG procedure
The leads aVR, aVL and aVF are the augmented voltage leads

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The QRS complex of the ECG tracing represents ventricular depolarization
The atrial arrhythmia that is sometimes referred to as sawtoothed is atrial flutter
A long strip of QRS complexes of a certain lead used to define certain cardiac arrhythmias is a rhythm strip
If the electrodes are too loose on the patient what artifact might you find on the ECG tracingwandering baseline
The purpose of setting the ECG paper speed at 50mm/sec is tohelp record the rapid heartbeats
The P wave represents the atrial depolarization
What should the MA tell a patient if the patient asks if he or she will feel and discomfort from the ECG procedure the ECG procedure does not hurt and does not send any electricity through you
The primary purpose of this ECG is to establish a baseline ECG and determine if the patients heart is fit for surgery
The electrode placed on the right leg is usually used as the ground which reduced electrical interference
In order to obtain an accurate ECG, you instruct Ms. Jarvis to breathe normally and remain still
During the ECG, you notice two PVCs, one at the beginning of the strip and one at the end. The appropriate thing for you to do iscomplete the test normally and show it to Dr. Celaya
As the test prints out, Ms. Jarvis notices that different portions of the graph look different and she becomes upset. You wouldexplain to her that there are different views of the heart and they should not look the same