Chapter 20 Older Adult

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___________is a common myth about the older populationFrailty
True or False—Systolic Hypertension with widen pulse pressure often occur with older adultsTrue
True or False---Resting heart rate change with agingFalse
True or False—Respiratory rate changes with agingFalse
What is the name of the murmur that is commonly heard in older adultssystolic aortic murmur
In older adults erections is more dependent on what for action to take placetactile stimulation
Hot flashes can last up to how long after menopause5 years
What screening is important with aging in maleProstate (BPH)
True or False---Hypothermia is common in ageing due to changes in temperature regulation True
Presbyopia begins at what age range>45
Changes in hearingpresbycusis
What are some of the causes of change in taste and salivary secretionsmedications and disease
True or False the appearance of barrel chest/kyphosis is normal in agingTrue
What is it called when difficulty recalling names, objects and certain details happenbenign forgetfulness
What are the four main vaccines that older adult need Influenza-Pneumococcal-Zoster-Tetanus
Give time range for breast cancer screening Every 2 years after 50 y/o
Give time range for colorectal cancer screeningcolonoscopy 10 years, Sigmoidoscopy 5 years


Question Answer
Onset of Delirium Acute—lucid intervals—worse at night—can accompany medical illness or drug toxicity
Onset of Dementia Insidious—Slowly progressive—last months to years—illness and drug toxicity usually absent
Give reversible type of DementiaVitamin B12 deficiency, thyroid disorders
Is Dementia reversibleNo
What do ADL consist ofbasic self-care abilities- bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, continence and feeding
What do Instrumental ADL consist of higher level function of self-care task- using telephone, shopping, food prep, housekeeping and laundry, finances
Symptom may present as normal alertness but progressive global deterioration of cognition in multiple domain, including short-term memory (but remote memory remains intact)

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