Chapter 20 New Words

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Section 1

Question Answer
组织zuzhi - organize, form
世界杯Shijiebei - World cup
兴奋xingfen - elated, excited
不同butong - different, not the same
班级banji - general term for classes and grades in school
说话shuo hua - to speak, to talk, to chat
教练jiaolian - coach, instructor
年级nianji - grade, year
tuo - to take off
袜子wazi - socks, stockings
好像haoxiang - seems, be like
dun - to crouch, to squat
拍照pai zhao - to take (a picture)
大部分da bufen - to most part, the majority
部分bufen - part
愿意yuanyi - to be willing
关系guanxi - relation, relationship
对。。。来说dui... laishuo - as far as..., be concerned

Section 2

Question Answer
熬夜ao ye - to stay up late or all night
球迷qiumi - fan, ball game buff
mi - fan, enthusiast
没想到mei xiangdao - unexpectedly
睡着shuizhao - to fall asleep
最后zuihou - in the end
比分bifen - score
进球jin qiu - to shoot, to goal
半场banchang - half a game
越。。。越yue... yue... - the more... the more...
cha - not up to standard, poor, inferior
相信xiangxin - to believe, to trust
顺利shunli - smooth, successful, without a hitch
决赛juesai - finals, runoff, shoot-off

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