Chapter 2

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addictioncompulsion to use alcohol or other drugs regarless of negative or aversive consequences. Addiction is characterized by psychological dependence and often physical dependence. sometimes applied to behaviors
alcoholismaddiction to specific drug: alcohol
chemical dependencyaddiction to alcohol and/or other drugs and to differentiate this type of addiction from nonchemical addictions
intoxicationstate of being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs so that thinking, feeling, and/or behavior are affected
phsychoactive drugsnatural or synthetic chemicals that affect thinking, feeling, and behavior
psychotropic drugschemicals used to treat mental disorders
substance abusethe continued used of alcohol and/or other drugs in spite of adverse consequences in one or more areas of an individual's life.
tolerancerequirements for increasing doses or quantities of alcohol or other drugs in order to create the same effect as was obtained from the original dose. Tolerance results from the physical or psychological adaptations of the individual
cross-tolerancerefers to accompanying tolerance to other drugs from the same pharmacological group.
reverse tolerancerefers to a condition in which smaller quantities of a drug produce the same effects as did previous larger doses
withdrawlphysical and psychological effects that occur when a drug-dependent individual discontinues alcohol or other drug use.
dependence a recurrent or ongoing need to use alcohol or other drugs. psychological dependence is the need to use alcohol or other drugs to think feel or function normally

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